Survival And Preparedness Knowledge From Nature Reliance School

Craig Caudill from Nature Reliance School has a new book out called “Extreme Wilderness Survival” that comes highly recommended.  As he points out, gear selection is a primary focus in survival training, but all the gear in the world won’t help when SHTF if you are not more well rounded in your approach to preparedness and survival.

Check out the video below to understand more about the balance of gear, mindset, and skills that will help you come out the other side in a wilderness survival situation.



Here is a quick summary of the video:

1. Mindset Development

Prepare yourself now for the eventuality that you will be in a survival situation.  This will help you:

      • Control your ego
      • Be more aware of your surroundings
      • Learn how to deal with stress
      • Calm yourself
      • Aid in making more appropriate decisions
      • Do what needs to be done in a wilderness situation, so that you can stay safe

2. Practice Your Skills Under Stress

Even with decent skill sets, small things may happen unexpectedly and cause stress which can lead to poor decisions.

Overcome that effect by practicing your skills under stress. Put yourself under certain weather conditions or stressful situations. Practice using the ferro rod, or maybe set up survival shelters, with the use of only one arm or one leg – then do it with minimal or no light.

3. Employ Tactics

What happens when you have to involve your family in a real world disaster or survival situation? Make a strategy or plan and work that plan so you can survive; regularly get together with the people that surround you; make sure you engage your family or whoever it is you live with; work with people that live around you

4. Don’t Depend On Your Gear Too Much

It sure makes your life a lot easier, but the downside is we can become dependent on the gear. In this case, we run the risk of not being able to function at 100% – or at all – without it. There’s always a risk of losing your gear. It could also break or get lost. Study and learn about how the indigenous cultures survived without gear. With this, your chance of survival is still high even without any gear.

You can get Craig’s book here.

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